Pune, India
Wednesday 25 Octubre 2017.
Pune Mirror.

Mandragora Circus, an Argentinian play written and directed by Juan Cruz Bracamonte, is one of the more prominent plays that will be staged at the festival. Revolving around the life of two circus clowns, the mimed play unveils the subject of love with heartfelt comedy. “The play has been showcased in three different continents and has received rave reviews. It uses acrobatics, circus stunts and unconventional instruments to display an earnest story. Mandragora Circus is unlike any other theatre plays and will be a treat to those who have only experienced and watched a certain type of physical theatre,”


Washington D.C. United States.
February 2014.
Danza Hoy.

The Argentinean company Mandragora Circus performed at the Kennedy Center in DC, and continues its tour of The Americas (…) The duo combines different languages to design a story with a beginning and end, interwoven with different sequences in which the gesture moves the word. (…) This show with touches of humor, great body and gesture handling and an attractive consistency in the story.


Johannesburg, South Africa.
Thursday 9 of June 2016.
The Star.

Sheer joy,

At a time when the world may seem bleak, the Mandragora Circo, performed by Argentinean clown Mariana Silva and Juan Cruz Bracamonte from Patagonia, is a piece of wonder and happiness(…)The show combines different kinds of artistic expression and the type of entertainment that make children cry out with delight. The award-winning show, which has toured around the world, run for 55 minutes from 7pm.

Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.
Sunday, 11 of August 2013.

These multidisciplinary artists have three years touring different countries of the Americas. With a very careful visual aesthetics have resulted in excellent perform (…) capturing spontaneous applause and laughter for 55 minutes duration of the work.

Mandragora circus showed how a good proposal story, cared live music and theatrical circus language gears properly applied can give a quality result.

Whitehorse, Canada.
Friday, 18 of July 2014.
Yukon News.

Argentine Clowns tour the territory

Have been performing across the continent since 2010. They are currently in the Yukon, with upcoming performances in Dawson City from Aug. 14-17 and in Watson Lake on Sept. 6. After four years on the road and more than 50,000 kilometres tacked onto their van, two Argentine clowns are now traversing the territory, bringing their performance to the communities.

The universal language of their performance pulls viewers into the show. In Atlin, fans crowded into the tent at the main stage on Sunday morning, laughing off any weariness from the weekend as it came to a close. They performed for an hour, showcasing an explosion of circus skills, including aerial acrobatics on tissue and trapeze, as a mixed audience of children and adults cheered along. That, ultimately, is the goal.


Gdansk, Poland.
23 of November 2015.
Pomorze Kultury.

Mandragora Circus, a show for children in the Theater of Two Windows.

A hilarious comedy in which gestures allow children to explore the meaning and develop imagination (…) The artists have presented this show in three continents, visiting the Theatre of Windows is part of a European tour that recently began.

Panama, Panama.
Saturday, 24 of March of 2012.
Panama America.

Explosion of circus skills, Mandrágora, from Argentina, special guest of the Performing Arts Festival

(…) Each of the scenic passages are decorated with circus skills, juggling acts, aerials acrobatics, which are accompanied by a huge percentage of humor and music. The joy and the smile on the face of exposed children, for artists, was his better pay and a feature of this work was that there was no spoken dialogue, and that everything was done through gestures and signs, but very easy to decipher for attending the event (…)

Wednesday 28 of June 2017
Windhoek, Namibia

Buenos Aires, Argentina.
14 of December 2014.

The story of the couple that joint Patagonia with Alaska doing theatre

For this couple of clowns travel wasn’t a new. They have been do it for 8 years in Argentina. Starting in 2003 with their show and don’t stoped anymore: carried a national tour in all the country from south to north, performing in 18 regions and more of 56 cities, in all kind of stages, big and small venues, festivals (…)


Esquel, Chubut. Argentina
February 13, 2004
El Chubut

After having been honoured in the last Provincial Encounter of Theatre “Mandragora

Circus” will present a sensitive and beautiful show supported by its magic, stage

poetry, circus and music that without a word communicates deeply into the souls of

children and adults.

Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.
Sunday 19 February 2017

A show no to be missed!

Tunis, Tunis.
Saturday 13 of February 2016
Le Quotidien.

Argentinean artist will show in Bizerte.

The Argentinean troupe Mandrágora will present the show today at 15hs at Le Majestic with a promising show.