We premiered the show Mandragora Circus in the city of Trelew, Chubut, Patagonia in January 2003. At that time theater directors and actors began recommending the show to be presented in theaters and festivals, that made us see that the show was innovative, for not to use the word but also for being a clown show with circus skills in which a story is told and presented in theaters. From the first presentations they defined it as “The circus made poetry”

From Trelew we began to tour the region, covering the vast distances of Patagonia. We performed in theaters, cultural center and schools of the Chubut province.

Scouring the Valley area, first went to cities like Puerto Madryn, Rawson and small towns like Gaiman, 28 de Julio and Puerto Piramides. Travelling south of the province, in the only route where the landscape becomes infinite and the horizon is lost between the sea and plateau, we present the show in Comodoro Rivadavia, Sarmiento, Camarona and the city of Caleta Olivia in the province of Santa Cruz.

By the end of 2003 we traveled to the mountains and present Mandragora Circus in the city of Esquel participating in the Provincial Meeting of Theater, with theater troupes throughout the province of Chubut.

During the summer of 2004 we made a Patagonian tour. For 2 months traveled through the provinces of Chubut, Neuquen and Rio Negro, from the sea to the mountains. We started in Puerto Madryn and from there continue along the coast to Las Grutas where boarded the train “El Patagonico” to traverse the entire province of Rio Negro, a journey of 18 hours to Bariloche. In the mountains we participated in the Theatre Festival of El Bolson, the Ta.Te.Ti Festival of Villa Futalaufquen and Mas Arte Festival in San Martin de los Andes.

We performed in the cities of Neuquen, Bariloche, Esquel and El Hoyo, in a tour that crossed forests, lakes and found on the road to large Patagonian persons concerning theater that greeted us and recommended to continue.

We returned to Trelew and continue to doing shows and traveling through Patagonia. We arrived at the extreme south of the country in Tierra del Fuego where in the city of Rio Grande presented 3 shows in which almost 10,000 people saw Mandragora Circus. In three performances of more than 3 thousand viewers each, firefighters and civil guard organized the entry and exit of the public who came to the gym to watch the spectacle at the event in which the show without words captive to the crowd in an unforgettable experience.

This same year 2004 participated in the “National Youth Theatre Festival” in Viedma, the Regional Theatre Festival with 18 troupes from all Patagonia Mandragora Circus was selected to represent the Patagonian region at the XX National Theatre Festival.

The 2005 began participating in the Summer Theatre Festival San Martin de los Andes and then in the XX National Theatre Festival, where directors, actors and troupes from different cities in Argentina attended the show and the following years invited us to perform in the whole country.

The tours extended, we left Patagonia to reach the far north of the country in Jujuy and Tucuman, Chaco and Corrientes. Rosario, Mendoza, La Pampa, Cordoba and Buenos Aires where the show was invited to participate in the Fair of Children’s Book.

Only in 2006 we traveled more than 10,000 kilometers from one end to the other country. From Trelew to Buenos Aires and Chaco, Paso de los Libres, Jujuy, Cipolleti and Rio Turbio in Santa Cruz where we participated in the 8th International meeting of Theatre.

We combined tours to the north of the country with tours in Patagonia, where we continue presenting shows in small towns within the province of Chubut, as Gan Gan and Gobernador Costa, lonely in the middle of the plateau villages, and in the province of santa Cruz where we went to Gobernador Gregores, Puerto San Julian, Rio Deseado, Rio Gallegos.

In 2009, we received a phone call from Bolivia, where festival director told us that Mandragora Circus was selected to participate in the International Theatre Festival of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. We traveled to Bolivia where in addition to the shows in a city theater made a tour organized by the Festival traveling by the train Called “Train of death” towards small towns of San José de Chiquitos and Roboré east of the country.

In 2010 we had been 8 years traveling uninterruptedly Argentina and that was when we decided to buy a car to start traveling by America timeless and destination.